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A Guide to Amazon’s Product Documents Program

Find out how brand owners can benefit by using the new Amazon tool as part of their optimization strategies for product detail pages. By Matt Juul May 7, 2021

Amazon recently made it a lot easier for brands to share key information with consumers thanks to the rollout of the new Product Documents tool. 

The program gives businesses the ability to add instructions, user manuals, and other important documentation directly to product detail pages, which shoppers can then conveniently download, should they ever have any questions about an item they purchase through Amazon. 

Explore our guide to the new tool to see how it works, guidelines for uploading product documents, plus insights into the benefits of utilizing the program as part of your Amazon optimization strategies.

Amazon’s Product Documents Tool Benefits

Adding product documents to product detail pages can benefit brands in a number of ways, specifically when it comes to sharing key information with potential customers, as well as providing content to support customers who may have questions after purchasing an item.

Whether they are guides to fixing common troubleshooting issues or set-up instructional manuals, these types of customer-facing assets help break down important and, often, complex topics about products for customers. 

Having this information easily accessible on your product detail pages means you can delight customers by making their research into your items simple and seamless.

Additionally, Amazon notes that effective use of product documents can help drive better results, including higher sales and conversion rates, plus lower costs for customer support and fewer product returns.

Product Documents Guidelines and Requirements

While there are no fees for adding product documents and the uploading process is fairly straightforward, there are several guidelines brand owners must follow in order to have their assets approved by Amazon.

Overall, product documents can be used for all ASINs you have registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry. They must be one of the approved content types, such as an installation manual, safety data sheet, specification sheet, troubleshooting guide, user manual, FAQ, compatibility guide, 2D or 3D CAD, and more as listed by Amazon.

All assets you plan to use must also meet Amazon’s document requirements for sizing and other other specifications. In general, files can be a maximum of 10 MB. File types allowed for CAD drawings include PDF, DWG, DXF, IGS, EPRT, STP, EDRW, and SIDPRT, while all other documents must be submitted as a PDF.

Amazon also states that product documents can include only one brand logo, as well as only icons that help readers parse through the text. They also should not contain promotional details or information about discounts, nor should they include shipping, pricing, or personal details. Make sure you read through Amazon’s full list of requirements before submitting any assets for approval.

How to Upload New Product Documents on Amazon

In order to have links to your product documents appear in the product information section of your product detail pages, brand owners must upload assets for approval through Seller Central. You can do this by going to the Inventory tab and selecting Manage Product Documents. From there, click Upload New Documents to begin the process.

Start by creating a name for your document that you can reference later internally, as these names will not be shown to customers. Next, select the proper document type from the list, then select the languages that are used within the assets.

After you fill out all this information, it is time to select the file to upload. Once that is set, search by product name or ASIN for the product or products you want associated with the documents.

Following submission, Amazon will review the assets to make sure they meet all requirements, which can take up to seven business days. If the content is approved, it may take another seven business days before the assets are published to product detail pages. 

An approved product document can only be edited in certain ways, such as its file name, document type, or the list of ASINs it applies to. You cannot replace a document with another file, however, as new assets must be submitted as new documents.

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Final Thoughts

Being able to add product documents is another great tool that brand owners can leverage to reach both new and existing customers, as well as drive better results with their product detail pages on Amazon.

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