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Inside the Latest Features of Amazon Sponsored Display

Amazon recently rolled out several new Sponsored Display features to provide advertisers with more control over their campaigns. Get the details here. By Dawn Jenks July 31, 2020
Inside the Latest Features of Amazon Sponsored Display

Amazon launched its Sponsored Display self-service advertising solution in beta in September 2019, enabling brands to expand the reach of their ads. In the spring of 2020, the company enhanced this feature by giving sellers more control over their advertising, as well as providing more tools to help optimize Sponsored Display campaigns. 

To be eligible to run Sponsored Display ads, you need to be a U.S. vendor or seller enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry. You must also be selling products in one or more eligible categories, which can be found in Amazon’s guide on Sponsored Display Creative Acceptance Policies.

Below are the latest features of Amazon Sponsored Display.

Product Targeting

Product targeting capabilities allow you to promote product discovery with Sponsored Display ads that reach shoppers who are actively browsing similar or complementary products and categories to your products and categories. 

Product targeting ad placements appear alongside customer reviews, search results pages, or on the far right side of product listings. These ads can also show deals and savings badges, which help draw shoppers’ attention to your products’ promotions and special offers.

Deals and Savings Badges

Sponsored Display now offers deals and savings badges that appear on your ads for product and interest audiences. These badges highlight a current special offer, whether it is a deal of the day, lightning deal, or best deal promotion. 

The deals and saving badge also appears for products that have discounted coupons or are available as a Subscribe and Save option. Badging appears automatically with any Sponsored Display campaign that has an active promotion.

Having a deals and savings badge on your Sponsored Display ads can lead to high conversions and help extend the reach of your special offers. According to Amazon, these badges have shown to increase click-through rates by up to nearly 42%. Therefore, any products that have running promotions make excellent Sponsored Display campaign candidates.

Advertise All Suggested Products With One Click

Amazon automatically offers Sponsored Display suggestions for specific products based on the number of detail page views for each one. The more page views a product has, the more likely that its Sponsored Display ad would achieve a high click-through rate. This new feature allows sellers to create a campaign with all suggested products with one click or download a spreadsheet to review Amazon’s suggestions.

Select “Views” in the audience selector, and you will see an option to add all suggested products. If there are no recommended products, that means that none of your products have enough page views yet to trigger that feature.

Bulk Operations

Bulk operations is a feature that makes managing, changing, and evaluating your Sponsored Display ads easier, less time-consuming, and way more efficient. You can now edit multiple Sponsored Display campaigns using one convenient spreadsheet.

You can download the spreadsheet template under the Bulk Operations tab and access your Sponsored Display tab, along with your Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products tabs. You can learn more about bulk operations in our blog here.

Manage Audience Views Options Separately

Sponsored Display now enables you to manage the two default audience segments — “product views” and “similar product views” — for you to view campaigns separately. You can monitor each audience segment’s performance, add bids based on its performance, and pause or restart ads for each one.

Product views and similar product views audiences show for Sponsored Display views campaigns that were created on or after Oct. 30, 2019. Sellers can click on the targeting tab in your ad group page to view each audience segment’s performance. Vendors can click on the targeting tab on their campaign page to view the performance of each. This feature is also available via the Amazon Advertising API.

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Product Readiness Scores

The new product readiness feature gives each of your products a score based on its estimated reach and performance. It tells you which of your products have a high, medium, or low amount of detail page visits in the last 28 days. This helps you easily and quickly identify which products are more likely to succeed with a Sponsored Display campaign, based on its current traffic and performance metrics.
These latest Sponsored Display features provide more control and allow for better optimization of your advertising campaigns. For more information about how to optimize your Sponsored Display campaigns, get in touch with us here.

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