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Amazon A10 Algorithm: What You Need to Know

Amazon is continuously updating its search engine algorithm. Learn which factors the A10 algorithm takes into account and recommendations to improve your product ranking. By Catherine Ibarra December 4, 2020

Two-thirds (66%) of U.S. consumers begin their search for new products on Amazon. The search engine is widely popular due to its accuracy and personalization features, and Amazon is continuously updating its algorithm to provide shoppers with the most relevant and reliable products in their search results. Take advantage of real-time algorithmic bidding optimization by using an AI-first solution for Amazon Advertising.

The A9 algorithm, which is the previous version of Amazon’s algorithm, would automatically review product relevancy, examine past search patterns, and determine products with a strong sales performance history to produce search results. The new algorithm is similar to the previous version, the main difference is the weight of the factors it considers.

The A10 algorithm is focused on providing consumers with the most relevant search results. Internal sponsored links, such as pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, are now weighted lower since the ads may not necessarily meet consumers’ needs.

It is essential for brands and sellers to be aware of the factors the A10 algorithm prioritizes to grow their success on Amazon’s marketplace. Below are the factors the updated algorithm considers and recommendations on how to improve your product ranking in Amazon’s search engine results page (SERP).

Factors the A10 Algorithm Considers

  • Seller Authority
  • Sales History
  • Impressions
  • Conversion Rate
  • Internal Sales
  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Off-Site Sales
  • Organic Sales
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Sales

How to Improve Your Product Ranking on Amazon

The A10 algorithm prioritizes seller authority, which entails sales history, amount of time spent selling on Amazon, seller feedback and ratings, returns, and product range.

Although you cannot change when you began selling on Amazon, you can optimize the rest of these factors. Improving your seller authority score will not only help with your product ranking but it will also increase your chances of winning the Buy Box.

Initiating promotions ever so often or implementing strategies that will continuously drive sales will enhance your sales history, since it factors in the amount of products you sell and the frequency of your sales. Providing A+ Content and ensuring your products are described accurately can improve your feedback and ratings. You can also limit your returns by effectively describing your products. Expanding your product range will improve your rankings as Amazon favors sellers with a variety of products in their catalog.

Impressions, conversion rates, internal sales, and CTR hold more weight in the A10 algorithm. You can increase your impressions by using keywords that will make it easy for shoppers to find your products on Amazon and implementing external campaigns to generate more views. However, be sure that your campaigns are targeting the right audience to drive your conversion rates.

Offering more “Frequently Bought Together” options in your product listings can increase your internal sales. You can improve your CTR by providing a high-quality product photo as your main image to entice shoppers to click on your product and by enhancing your Amazon SEO strategy.

Off-site sales are valued more in the A10 algorithm than the previous A9 version. Not only will you benefit from a boost of traffic to your product listings from external websites but so will Amazon. The company wants more consumers to use its marketplace and prioritizes brands and sellers who bring in external traffic.

You can increase your off-site sales by posting links to your Amazon offerings on your website, social media, guest blog posts, and any digital channel that enables you to reach your target audience.

Organic sales are prioritized over PPC sales in the A10 algorithm. Generating consistent organic sales, which are sales from shoppers who found your products using Amazon’s search engine, will help you achieve a higher product rank. You can improve your organic sales by using an AI-based pricing technology to offer consumers the best price for your products in real time.

Although the current algorithm values PPC sales less than it used to, launching PPC campaigns can create an initial spike in product sales after the campaign is launched. You can utilize PPC campaigns for new products in your catalog or products that have seen a dip in sales and follow up with a strategy that focuses on organic sales to drive long-term business growth.

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Catherine Ibarra is a marketing consultant at Feedvisor, where she contributes to the company's content marketing initiatives. She has a technology background.

Final Thoughts

Amazons’ A10 algorithm is designed to provide consumers with the best matches for the products they are searching for to improve their shopping experience on Amazon.

The new algorithm values certain factors more so than the older A9 version. Seller authority, which includes sales history, is now prioritized in the algorithm. Impressions, conversion rates, internal sales, and CTR also carry more weight than they previously did. In addition, Amazon is currently favoring off-site and organic sales over PPC sales. Understanding the factors Amazon’s algorithm takes into account and applying the recommendations offered can help you achieve higher rankings in search results.

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