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Amazon uses bank transfers for all payments made to sellers. Once a seller is registered with a Seller Account, and Amazon has confirmed the seller’s legitimate bank account, Amazon will transfer funds to the Seller Account every fourteen days, automatically.

Routine Transfers

Sellers always have access to the complete listing of their account balances and transactions, as well as their billing information. Amazon transfers funds to sellers every fourteen days – unless otherwise specified – through an Automated Clearing House or via electronic funds transfer. Any fees, charges, or refunds, however, are to be settled prior to the disbursement of funds.

Note: Transfers may take between three to five business days for receipt.

Manual Transfers

Sellers may request a manual transfer of funds in between the regularly scheduled payments. The fourteen-day payment cycle then begins again from the date of the manual transfer.

Note: For security purposes, manual transfers may not be requested for three days following an update or change to bank account information.

Delays in Transferring Funds

Whenever bank account information is added or changed, Amazon places a system-generated freeze on the account for three days to prevent fraud or theft. During this time, no automatic transfers are made and, as noted above, the seller is not able to request a manual transfer. Weekends and holidays also often delay the disbursement of funds, as transfers often take three to five business days to clear.

Note: If a seller does not receive the expected funds after five business days, the seller should check both account information and routing numbers to track the transfer. This may be done through the individual banks.

Final Transfer Sum

The sum total of funds received by the seller as an automatic transfer to the seller’s bank account may differ from the amounts shown on the Request Disbursement Screen or on the account summary page because of ongoing processing of transactions (e.g., items purchased or fees incurred after the transfer request is made, but before the transfer is received). See Billing and Account Balances for a detailed list of all transactions and account activity.

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