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How Pulling a Category Listing Report Can Help Increase Your Sales

Learn how to access and use Amazon’s category listing report from Amazon Seller Central to identify issues with your listings and increase product sales. By Dawn Jenks March 15, 2022
How Pulling a Catalog Listing Report Can Help Increase Your Sales

Of all the Amazon seller reports, the category listing report is one of the most valuable and underutilized reports available. This report shows you what, if any, non-compliant information you may have added to your product listings, as well as any non-compliant information someone else may have added, either mistakenly or with malicious intent.

Category listing reports are a crucial tool for Amazon sellers and can help increase sales. However, most Amazon merchants don’t even know that this report is available, how to access it on Amazon Seller Central, and how to use it for their Amazon selling success. 

What is a Category Listing Report on Amazon?

A category listing report is a report of all of the ASINs in your Amazon catalog as they currently live in Amazon’s system. This report allows you to download a file of all that information in your listings, and you can also use it as a flat file to make changes to your listings. 

Once you’ve downloaded the Amazon category listing report, and you want to make edits to your listings, you only have to change the fields that you’re trying to edit, then upload that file into Amazon’s system. This saves a ton of time, as it’s an alternative to making manual changes to each listing separately.

What is an Amazon Category Listing Report Used For?

Looking at a category listing report is an effective way of reviewing all of your Amazon listings at a glance, in one convenient file, and immediately identifying any potential issues, like non-compliance and abuse. 

One example of a specific problem you’d be able to spot on a category listing report is if someone added keywords to a listing’s backend, causing that ASIN to be flagged as, say, a pesticide or as a drug. 

Whether it is for identifying a technical issue, an abuse issue, or a compliance issue, a category listing report has become an Amazon seller necessity. The report also serves as a record that you can show Amazon Seller Support when reporting such problems.  

For instance, when communicating with Amazon Seller Support about an ASIN that is restricted for misinformation on its product detail page or flagged for another reason, if you make that change through your Seller Central account, it may look like it has gone through on your end. But when Amazon’s compliance team looks at it on their end, it may not show as having gone through. In this case, your category listing report shows you what Amazon is seeing in their catalog, which is helpful in these circumstances.

The category listing report has become a terrific tool for Amazon sellers to make changes and confirm that those changes are being done correctly and pushed through Amazon’s system.

If one ASIN is suppressed or suspended it could mean days, weeks, or months of missed sales and lost revenue.

How an Amazon Category Listing Report Can Help Increase Sales

Many successful sellers on Amazon use the category listing report as a tool to ensure there are no disruptions to their sales. If one ASIN is suppressed or suspended, for whatever reason, it could mean days, weeks, or months of missed sales and lost revenue.

Regularly checking the category listing report against your product uploads helps ensure that others have not added any incorrect information to your Amazon listings.

Remember, sellers don’t own their product detail pages; Amazon is the owner. Therefore, in many cases, anyone can make changes to your brand’s product detail pages, and Amazon will hold you responsible for that content, regardless of whether you’re the one that made that change or not. 

That is why having a procedure in place to check your listings for others’ contributions is a crucial step in protecting your Amazon Seller account and your ASINs from potentially being suspended. 

How to Access and Download a Category Listing Report on Amazon Seller Central

To gain access to your Amazon category listing reports, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Seller Support to send a message requesting the report.
  2. In the “Describe Your Issue” box, write “I’d like to submit a request for the Feeds department to provide access to my Category Listing Report. Thanks.”
  3. Under “Confirm Your Issue,” select “Inventory File Upload Issue.”
  4. Under “Resolve your Issue,” skip to “Contact Us.”
  5. Enter your Contact Reason as “Feeds – Access to Category Listings Report.”

Your category listing report should be available for download within 1-2 hours, but it could take up to 24 hours. If it takes longer than one day, we recommend that you follow up and continue to do so until your report becomes available.

To download the appropriate category listing reports, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Amazon Seller Central homepage
  • Go to Inventory > Inventory Reports
  • Click on the drop-down menu, then “Select Report Type”
  • Select the report type as “Category Listing Report” (Note: This option will only be available if you have already requested the report)
  • Select the appropriate category
  • Click “Request Report”

Once you have downloaded the report, it will be available by default for 7 days.


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Final Thoughts

Routinely checking your Amazon category listing report is not only considered a best practice for listing management, but it also helps you identify potential issues with your listings and prevent any disruptions to your Amazon business. 

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