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Enterprise Private Label Seller Sees 25% Increase in Sales

Enterprise private label seller in the apparel category experienced dramatic increases to conversions and profits with Feedvisor's advertising platform.
Enterprise Private Label Seller in Apparel Category Drives Discovery and Demand, Sees 25% Increase in Sales



Identifying a Advertising Platform to Enhance Exposure and Competitive Differentiation

An enterprise private label seller from the apparel category was looking for a platform and team to create and optimize his campaign structures and in-market keyword bids, while gaining a 360-degree view into campaign performance, traffic, keyword efficiency, and ad spend — all according to his unique business strategies and goals. He was seeking a solution that leverages AI and will help his private label brand become more discoverable on the marketplace. 




decrease in ACoS


increase in conversion


increase in sales

Managed Services to Drive Demand Generation, Engagement, and Organic Ranking

We performed a strategic review of the customer’s historical performance, competitive environment, and demand generation opportunities, with a specific lens on campaign management and advertising spend. As part of this analysis, we customized our managed services model to his business, ensuring alignment with his goals for the year.

We also analyzed market dynamics and customer demand for the client’s top sellers, reviewed the demand model for each product category, and identified products that were not receiving optimal exposure in order to better inform our approach to developing his advertising strategy and plan.

As part of this process, we also optimized product detail pages, advising on keywords, images, and SEO-rich content within titles and bullet points to drive store visibility, enhance the buyer experience, and aid in brand awareness. Through our AI-driven campaign manager, we facilitated the creation and optimization of Sponsored Product ad campaigns.

Enterprise Private Label Seller in Apparel Category Drives Discovery and Demand, Sees 25% Increase in Sales

As integral parts of this process, we performed these additional steps, specifically targeting conversion:

  • We helped the customer identify impactful keywords to drive sales — top selling keywords, keywords with an ACoS that should be optimized, and top keywords by conversion rate.
  • We supported both manual and automated campaigns that we linked for keyword harvesting and negative keyword identification, restructured ad groups, and reallocated budgets to achieve full potential from every product and ad group.
  • Our machine-learning algorithms and optimization engine operated on a daily basis, aiding in keyword optimization and automatic bid adjustment.

Lastly, our managed services team of Amazon experts provided targeted, in-depth insights at each stage of the campaign, working to ensure that targets were being achieved. Through specific business reports, we isolated conversions and impressions and analyzed organic ranking to pinpoint what variables needed adjustment at any given time, whether related to the specific product listing, price, campaign, or inventory position.

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We performed a strategic review of the customer’s historical performance, competitive environment, and demand generation opportunities.

Increased Visibility and Engagement; Impactful Advertising Conversion Metrics

  • Within the first four months of partnering with Feedvisor, the enterprise private label sellers experienced a 22% increase in conversion and a 25% increase in sales. He also experienced tangible improvements in their organic and Sponsored Product campaign engagement.
  • To help the early adopters measure the effectiveness of their campaigns relative to ad spend, we focused on helping them drive down ACoS. This private label seller experienced a 17% decrease in ACoS.
  • With Feedvisor’s managed services expertise, we were able to optimize the client’s product detail pages for SEO and visibility. By improving the organic keyword structure and product content, the effectiveness of ad spend increased. Additionally, when analyzing optimized detail pages after ad spend, there was an increase in organic search ranking and engagement.

Enterprise Private Label Seller Sees 25% Increase in Sales



AI Technology and End-to-End Managed Services Result in ROI and Ongoing Value for Enterprise Private Label Seller

Designed to fuel discoverability and conversion, our advertising optimization and intelligence platform coupled with managed services helped the customer maximize his ad performance based on his specific business strategies, such as profit generation, SKU-specific liquidation, or a new product launch.

Feedvisor’s end-to-end managed services model for advertising enabled the private label client to accelerate ad performance, increase visibility, drive demand, and grow profits. The team of Amazon experts represented a true extension of the client’s team, providing in-depth training, hands-on optimization, planning, and support on an ongoing basis.

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