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Amazon Feature: Amazon Manage Your Experiments

Learn how to use “Manage Your Experiments” on Amazon to run A/B tests or split tests on your brand’s listing content to increase your sales. By Rachel Van Clepper February 15, 2022
Amazon Feature- Amazon Manage Your Experiments

Amazon split testing or A/B testing is an excellent way for brands to get to know what content performs well for their audience on each ASIN. If you use “Manage Your Experiments” effectively on Amazon, you can increase sales and better understand your core consumers

Keep reading to better understand Amazon’s Manage Your Experiments feature and tips on how to get the most out of it.

The Amazon Manage Your Experiments Basics

Amazon Manage Your Experiments allows you to run A/B tests or split tests on your brand’s listing content. We will walk through the basics:

How Does Amazon Manage Your Experiments Work?

In each Amazon experiment, you compare different versions of content and review the performance of each to determine which version is best to use on your brand’s listing. Amazon split testing will help you find the content that appeals to your target audience or customers to drive more sales.

During your Amazon listing testing, ASIN content is split into two groups. Each group will exclusively see the exact version of the test throughout the experiment wherever your content is available. For example, group A will see the same test on their search results page and the product detail page.

Who can use Manage Your Experiments on Amazon?

Manage Your Experiments is a feature available for brands that sell on Amazon with an eligible ASIN. Eligibility is based on recent traffic dependent on the ASIN category. You can learn more about your eligibility in Amazon Seller Central.

What content types are available for experimentation on Amazon?

Currently, only three types of content are available for Manage Your Experiments on Amazon.

  • Product Images: Compelling images used to describe the item(s).
  • Product Titles: Brief and informative title or name for the product(s) that include key product details.
  • A+ Content: Clear and concise content for the bullet points and description of the item(s).


You can continually improve your content strategy by testing on different ASINs, changing your content hypotheses for the same ASIN, or testing during different seasonal periods.

Tips & Ideas for Using Amazon Listing Testing

The best part of this Amazon testing environment is that your experiments do not impact your search rankings, giving you confidence when conducting an experiment. Not sure how to start experimenting? We’ve included four ideas and tips to get you started on Amazon Manage Your Experiments.

1. Make it Different

The whole point in A/B testing is to see if there is different content that will perform better for your audience on Amazon. If the content is too similar, there may not be a clear winner in the experiment. Here are a few ideas for how you can switch it up:

  • Shorten your product title length
  • Include your Brand name in the title
  • Add colorful or creative product imagery or refresh existing imagery
  • Test lifestyle imagery against typical product imagery
  • Use comparison charts in A+ content

2. Let the Experiment Run for Longer

Don’t end an experiment early just because the results seem to be swaying to one version. Let the experiment run for the entire duration of testing to have confidence in the results. The best way to prevent shortening the experiment is to let it run without checking the results often or at all.

Your results will automatically show when they are processed and available.


3. Use the Exact ASINs for Each Test

The Manage Your Experiments on Amazon testing should not be used to compare different ASINs. When testing, be sure that each version of the test is applied to the same ASINs.

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4. Run A/B Testing Often

Consider creating a variety of strategies for different ASINs as well as trying to test during different seasons. The more you test, the more you will understand your audience.

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Rachel Van Clepper is a content marketing writer for Feedvisor, where she contributes to the company’s content marketing initiatives. Before joining Feedvisor, she was a senior content marketing writer for a nonprofit software company.

Final Thoughts

Manage Your Experiments is an easy way to do split testing in Amazon, taking the guesswork out of optimizing your ASIN listings

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